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Please read through the following FAQs before contacting us.

Q. What is the area you accept listings for?
A. Business listings are for Sandwich, Worth, Eastry and Ash as indicated on the map Please click here for Map of accepted area.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. All listings are free of charge.

Q. Can all types of Businesses be included?
A. We only allow those that have their prime location in the area. The site administrators reserves the right to accept or refuse listings.

Q. My Business trades in the Sandwich area but is not based in Sandwich. Can I have a listing?
A. No – sorry.

Q. How can I get a banner advertisement on the first page?
A. Sorry, don't ask - The site administrators decide and rotate banner links on a regular basis.

Q. Can I change my current listing?
A. Yes you can request an amendment to your listing by filling in the contact form (see bottom of page).

Q. How many words can I have describing my business?
A. Listings are limited to Name, Address, Tel and Fax numbers, website link, and a short description of up to 12 words only.

Q. Can I pay to get listed at the top?
A. No – sorry

Q. My company has more than one establishment can I have them all listed?
A. You can have two listings for different addresses and categories- if they are situated in the Sandwich area.

Q. Can I have one advert with multiple links – for example to different parts of my website?
A. No sorry - You can have only one link to your website home page per advert.

Q. I do not have a stand alone website but I have a page on my Business head office group web site. Can I have a link to the corporate web site?
A. You can only have a link to the home page of a website that deals exclusively with the establishment you wish to advertise.

Q. How long does it take to get listed?
A. Once we have all your relevant information and your listing is accepted it should appear on Business in Sandwich in two working days.

Q. Why hasn’t my business been listed?
A. It can take up to 2 working days to get listed after we have received all the relevant information from you. But please note - We reserve the right to accept or refuse listings.

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Please read the FAQs on the left before contacting

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